September 24, 2003

Alvin came to us through Arizona Rescue Center (ARC) and was adopted January 19, 2009 as a companion to Tara. We had recently lost two of our dogs and one was Tara's best friend so she had been moping around a bit. Unfortunately, three months after Alvin arrived, Tara was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor (she was having seizures). It was inoperable and she was given 6-9 months. She left us just before Christmas and we now have just Alvin. He is doing much better as an only dog and we will probably keep him that way unless we can find just the right Aussie to add to the mix. Alvin was never socialized with other dogs and when he sees one he get extremely excited and wants to "visit." However, he has no manners and is very rude so more often than not the other dog will growl a warning. Unfortunately, that is his trigger to attack and until we can get that under control he will remain the "only child" for a while.


Alvin & Tara on their pads in the living room. The perspective on this shot is off because Tara looks much smaller than Alvin and it is most definitely the other way around. Alvin in the living room. A block-head style yellow Lab, he is short and chunky, weighing in at about 80#.


Alvin was found wandering the streets September 2008 with a rattlesnake bite. He was picked up by a good Samaritan and taken to the Veterinary Specialists hospital that also houses the offices of ARC. He was microchipped and his owners contacted, but they were unable to afford the treatment for the rattlesnake bite and gave him up to the Humane Society. ARC pulled him from there and kept him at their kennel facility, giving him home foster visits on weekends. He was being shown at their thrift shop where we found him and fell in love. We were told that he had hip dysplasia and since we were well-versed in this disease felt it was not a problem. Later on, after having him for a number of months, we found the rest of the picture. This poor guy is saddled with hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, spondylosis, arthritis, epilepsy, diabetes insipidus and allergies.

All of this hasn't dampened his spirits and he is still a very sweet dog, loves his walks and enjoys his tennis ball. He will, as usual, remain with us as long as we can keep him comfortable.

Wally & Friends Teddy Alvin

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