Aussie Beginnings


From our beginnings of just wanting a dog to have with us when we went trail riding, we developed a love of the Australian Shepherd breed and for showing and obedience competition. Our first girl, Molly, had the very extended tan trim coloring that could be associated with the mainly working breeders' stock. Our second, Shad, was also of this color type, but his intelligence was so much a part of him that we were forever hooked on obedience training and competition.

Our first litter between Molly and Shad taught us about color genetics. Both were merles so merle whites were produced that were partially blind. The two merle whites found good homes, but we were more prepared in the future. Molly was bred two more times, both to Mattice's Blue. While there were no merle whites, there was the extended tan trim and an unusual color of tri.

It was at this time that we started attending conformation shows and saw that the color patterns that we were first associated with were not appropriate in the conformation ring. We saw the color that we would come to love the best up to the present -- black tri. We purchased a black tri bitch (Flower) from Sandy Spittler Mattice (Molly and Shad's breeder) who was a daughter of Mattice's Blue and bred her to the best black tri male we could find (Ch. Bright Future of Windermere - Panda) in order to have an all black tri litter to choose from.




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