(Ch. Megamillions Sturgis of Pimlico, CD, WD, CGC, TDI 

X Tamarack Cassandra)

(Ch. El Dorado Rebel Without a Pause, CD 

X Gold Coasts Amanda, CGC)



In 1995, we bred both Cassie and Amanda. Cassie was 4 years old and two prior attempts had failed. We felt this should be her last try. Amanda was 2-1/2 years old and could have been skipped, but we would not have had enough vacation time again until she was four. We were doing artificial insemination, utilizing chilled semen shipments from Colorado and Florida. Experienced breeders told us that their conception rates using artificial insemination were low, and, if the bitch did conceive, litter size was reduced.

Thanks to Carol Bardwick of Canine Cryobank, the results were a little bit better than expected!

Cassie (top) and Amanda (bottom) awaiting the blessed event. Yes, they both conceived! Sonograms were done just to determine pregnancy. We did not ask for an exact count, so our vet just ran down the midline. She estimated four-five for Amanda and seven-eight for Cassie.  

Manda with her litter of eleven. After two pups were born naturally, the third became wedged in the canal. The balance were delivered by c-section at 8 a.m. We did lose the one in the canal, as she was carrying twelve.

Cassie was due four days after Manda. I arrived home after Manda's c-section at 2:30 p.m. and settled her with her pups. I left Cassie in our bedroom while I was doing this. Jerry came home from work at 5:00 p.m. and went into the bedroom to change, coming back out immediately, "Sharon, you better come in here."  Yep, there was a pup on the floor still in her sac, Cassie didn't want to be left out. We waited another three hours with no sign of another pup, so back to the vet for another c-section at 8:00 p.m. the same day. Cassie with her litter of thirteen! Carol Bardwick's expertise had won out over breeders' prior experiences utilizing artificial insemination.


A very tired Cassie and a pup that may be Liza.


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