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April 2, 1999 ― November 10, 2008

Chester was given to us by Tina Burks of Rosewood Aussies. As a pup he got a gate clip caught in his eye and while it didn't impair his vision, there was some protrusion of the third eyelid which eliminated him from the show ring. He had a wonderful time with the other kids at our place ― Mastiffs Cassie and Amanda and Rottweiler Teddy. Then, of course, there were those pesky 23 Mastiff puppies. We lost him much earlier than we should have to an unknown kidney function problem. Nicknamed the "Tasmanian Tornado," "Rocket," and "Wingnut," I suppose you can tell that this boy is not the normal Mastiff. Actually, he is more like a mascot to the other kids, keeping them exercised and constantly on their toes. Bruce goes through life always on top of the world, feet never touching the ground, without a care, wreaking havoc like a whirlwind.

Bruce traces his ancestry back to some of my foundation dogs in the '70s and '80s. Bruce came to me from my good friend Debbie Frey of After Hours Australian Shepherds. She has an awesome site on Aussies, hosted by Bruce's blue-merle, blue-eyed brother Eli. Sadly we lost Eli to cancer not long after Bruce.

 I always like to have one around because they are great for keeping the big guys exercised. This picture was taken during one of his rare moments of standing still. Normally high-speed film is required to see what he looks like.

Bruce had been in remission for a year from one type of cancer when another inoperable, untreatable cancer was found in his heart. We lost him three weeks after our thirteen-year-old Mastiff Tank.





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