This section is designed to acquaint you with the Mastiff breed itself. You may view items here first, or come back once you have decided that the Mastiff is truly the breed for you.


Mastiff History

The history of the Mastiff is ancient and sometimes not too flattering. Although we sent out a brief history with our mailing packet, it began in the 1800's and came forward. The best history can be seen on the MCOA (Mastiff Club of America) web site. Visit this site and return using your "back" button.

Mastiff History


Breed Standard

The breed standard for any breed is the blueprint by which it is built. It explains in specific language how the "ideal" example of the breed should look and is the what the conformation judge uses to assess the relative merits of the dogs shown in shows and matches.

It is the goal which responsible breeders wish to achieve. No dog is perfect and each breeder has their own opinion on the priority of traits for their individual breeding programs. The good breeder will study this standard and assess any prospective breeding stock in order to best move toward the "ideal."

Each registering body will have a breed standard which governs the judging of classes at their respective shows. Two of the most popular registering bodies are AKC (American Kennel Club) and UKC (United Kennel Club. AKC is the primary registering body in the United States. There are certain areas of the country where UKC shows are more numerous and some breeders will elect to dual register their dogs and obtain titles from both organizations. Visit the sites below and return to this page with your "back" button.

AKC Standard

UKC Standard


Mastiff Club of America (MCOA)

The Mastiff Club Of America, Inc., was incorporated in 1929 to protect and promote the Mastiff. The MCOA is a member of the American Kennel Club and is the AKC's parent breed club for the Mastiff (English). There are currently about 800 regular and associate members. For more information about MCOA, visit their site.



Code of Ethics

The MCOA (Mastiff Club of America) is considered the parent club of the breed in the United States. Members are bound by a Code of Ethics (last revised November 2000) when engaging in the breeding of Mastiffs. While this does not mean that either, all non-members are not ethical or all members are ethical, it does provide some guidelines of conduct for the practice of breeding. View this site below and use your "back" button to return to this page.

MCOA Code of Ethics



MCOA developed a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions which will help you answer whether or not the Mastiff would make a good life companion for you.




This reading list give books of interest that are related to general topics Mastiffs. Specific reading lists for the other categories will follow those sections.

Reading List

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