Welcome to the Crestwood home page. Our love of dogs began in 1970 with our first Australian Shepherd. We spent twenty years with this breed full-time before acquiring Mastiffs in 1990. Over that time we have also had a few Rottweilers and currently have a rescue Lab. We lost the last Mastiff (Tara) December 2009 and will be returning to our first love, the Aussie, as well as possibly Pugs, Bassets or Frenchies, concentrating on rescue to find our future companions.

During our forty years with purebred dogs, we developed a breeding philosophy that stressed health, temperament and longevity. As one of my favorite vets was fond of saying, "if you have temperament, longevity and genetic and reproductive soundness, proper conformation will automatically follow." Because of this, we didn't breed often as our breeding stock had to meet strict standards regarding complete health testing, structure and temperament.

All Mastiff litters had sire and dam clear on OFA hips, elbows, cardiac, patella and thyroid (or MSU full thyroid panel equivalent), CERF eyes, von Willebrands, Cystinuria and either be DNA PRA cleared or be from cleared parents. While no one can guarantee genetic problems won't develop, we felt it was necessary to do everything possible to reduce the risk by knowing what the total health picture is of any dogs used for breeding, and making breeding decisions based on facts, not suppositions.

We are expanding our site to include new information (as well as adding to our picture galleries). The areas currently under construction are "The Right Puppy" and "Natural Diet." We have split our site into three components ― Australian Shepherd, Mastiff and the "others." This has been a fairly recent reorganization, so areas under Australian Shepherd and The Others are still in process.

Note that we have tried to have all links open in a new window so you can remain in the Crestwood site. However, the exception to this is the Mastiff Reporter link. To return from the Reporter you will have to use your back button.

While we are not currently either breeding or showing, we are always willing to share the experiences and information we have garnered over the years. We love to "talk dogs."

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