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Ask the Doctor

This section of the originally published Reporter featured a question and answer area wherein various professionals agreed to field questions from our subscribers. We were pleased to be able to draw on the expertise of Priscilla K. Stockner, DVM, MS, MBA,  W. Jean Dodds, DVM, Lisa Meek, DVM, DACVO, Carol Bardwick of Canine Cryobank, Inc. and others.

We will be continuing this section on-line, so please e-mail your questions:

Sharon Krauss

Following are questions received in the past:


Vaccination and the Immune System
Response by Dr. Dodds

Head Type and Eye Problems
Response by Dr. Meek

Male Infertility
Response by Carol Bardwick


Vaginal Hyperplasia
Response by Dr. Stockner

Reabsorption of Puppies
Response by Dr. Stockner

Acquired Cataracts in the Mastiff
Nutritional Cataracts
Response by Dr. Meek

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Last updated September 11, 2012