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In keeping with the Reporter's policy of promoting genetic screening as a means of developing longevity and genetic soundness within the breed, we have established a certification program to cover those tests which do not fall directly under a specific organization—OFA, CGC, CERF, etc. 

A numbered certificate will be given for the following tests:

Thyroid normal — submission of report for full thyroid panel (MSU or equivalent) showing all results within normal ranges.

Eye normal — submission of CERF form showing both eyes as normal..

von Willebrand normal — submission of report (from qualified lab—Cornel, Antech, IDEXX, etc.) showing VWD Factor antigen or vWF:Ag (measured in an ELISA) as being normal, between 70-180%.

Cystinuria normal — submission of report showing negative for cystine from University of Pennsylvania. See MCOA Cystinuria page for instructions and submission form for this test.

To receive your certificate, send the appropriate report along with owner's name, address and phone number and dog's full registered name, registration number, date of birth, color and sex. Tests on all English Mastiffs are accepted. Annual certificate updates will be given for submission of annual testing on thyroid and eyes.

Send to:

Sharon A. Krauss
The Mastiff Reporter
3910 E. Shangri-La Rd.
Phoenix, AZ  85028
(602) 494-8234

Click on the certification to see the recipients.


Eyes Thyroid Cystinuria vonWillebrands Star Awards

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Last updated September 10, 2012