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Feature Articles


From 1993 to 2000 we published The Mastiff Reporter in hard-copy format and mailed to a list of subscribers. In each issue a number of different items were included. Among these were articles on various topics such as health, nutrition, training, breeding, etc. Occasionally two or more articles were included in each issue, along with other sections on our Star Award and Certification program, CERF eye reports, etc. 

In order to adapt the Reporter for the internet, we started by including an article every two months. This worked well for a while, then time constraints kept us from keeping this schedule and the Reporter went into a "dormant" stage. It is now 2012 and we will try to do some more work on the site. Our first new article is listed below and we are adding a new section which will feature PDF copies of the actual hard-copy issues that were published from 1993 to 2000. When viewing these, please note that any information relative to subscriptions and address/contact information and Star Award submission is no longer applicable. The older Feature Articles listed below (2001-2002) will remain on the Reporter site until year-end 2012. After that they will rotate off to the Article Archive maintained by Deb Jones on her Devine Farm website. Going forward, Feature Articles will remain on the main site of the Reporter for one year before rotating off to the Article Archive. The Reporter's "Home" page will will have the most recent article available. The navigation buttons at the bottom will refer to the articles by month and year.

 Feature Articles — 2012 

The Downside of Inbreeding:

It's Time For a New Approach

By C.A. Sharp

September 2012

Feature Articles — 2002

Degenerative Myelopathy

(Progressive Rear Limb Weakness or Paralysis)

Pamphlet from The Southern California Surgical Group

January 2002


Understanding Chromosomes — Part I 

By C. A. Sharp

March 2001


Understanding Chromosomes — Part II

By C. A. Sharp

May 2001

Feature Articles — 2001

Health Testing—How Much is Enough

By Sharon Krauss

May 2001


Population Genetics and Breeding

By John Amrstrong

July 2001


The Deadly Adenovirus and Klebsiella pneumoniae 

By Donna Dick

September 2001


A House Divided—Autoimmune Disease 

By C. A. Sharp

November 2001



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