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This is where it all began -- the hard copy issues that were sent out through the mail on a subscription basis. Please view these for format and content only. However, any reference to addresses, subscription rates, Star Award or Certifications are no longer relevant. Click on the issue designation (article contents appear below) to view each issue. Enjoy!!

Note:  The issues we were having with the links have been resolved!

1993 1994 1995

Volume I, #1 April 1993

Editor's notes

1992 CERF Report


Toxic Plants

Natural Rearing Report

DLPA (for arthritis)

Building a Whelping Box


Volume I, #2 June 1993

1988 CERF Report

Natural Rearing Report

Some Things to Think About/Dr. Stockner

Retinal Dysplasia

Adequan for Joint Disease



Volume I, #3 August 1993

Natural Rearing Report

1989 CERF Report

Answering Questions from the Novice

John Cargill on Thyroid

Bacterial Dermatitis

Plasma for Neonates

Vaginal Hyperplasia



Volume I, #4 October 1993

1992 CERF Report

Are We Mastiff Breeders or Just Breeding Mastiffs?

Demodex, the Mighty Mite

Interview ithe James Crowley/AKC

Denis Baxter on Vitamins, Food, etc.

Nutritional Cateracts

Cosequin for Musculoskeletal Disorders


Volume I, #5 December 1993

Using Frozen/Cooled Semen

Looking for Mr. Stud Dog

Dog Care for Single/Working Owners


Further Clarification AKC Rules

New Hip X-ray Positioning



Volume II, #1 February 1994

Boric Acid

1993 CERF Report

Mastiff Temperament

Agility for the Mastiff

Vaccination/Dr. Dodds


Volume II, #2 April 1994

Orthopedic Soundness

Homeopathy/Herbal Supplements

Breed Standard & Eye Defects

Boric Acid Part II

Raised Dog Diners

PennHIP Update


Volume II, #3 June 1994

Elbow Disorders

Bloat Notes


Crossword Puzzle



Volume II, #4 August 1994

Elbow Disorders Part II

Homeopathy/Fading Puppy


Bloat Notes

Head Type vs. Bite

Stud Dog Statistics


Volume II, #5 October 1994

Elbow Disorders Part III

Hip Dysplasia

Bloat Notes

Male Infertility

Dog Genome Project

Reverse Sneeze Syndrome


Volume III, #1 January 1995

Brewers Yeast/Definite No-No

Ariel - An Update

Book Review by Brutus Brue

Star Awards

Genetic Database

Genetic Testing Information

Dog's View of Obedience Classes


Volume III, #2 March 1995

The Day my World Stood Still

Vaccination/Dogs at Risk for Immunological Disorders

The Prostate Gland

1994 CERF Report

Those Sad Brown Eyes

Star Awards

Reporter Eye Registry Listing


Volume III, #3 May 1995

Weight Pulling

Food for Thought

Sleeping Dragons

Star Awards

Reporter Thyroid Registry Listing


Volume III, #4 July 1995

Molecular Genetics of HD

Growing Pains

Solitary Search

Program (breeder concerns)

Star Awards

Reporter vWD Registry Listing


Volume III, #5 September 1995

Nutrition & Bloat (Pt. 1)

Roger & Out

Flood, Fire, Earthquake

Can They Reason?


Volume III, #6 November 1995

Mastiff & The Thyroid

Nutrition & Bloat (Pt. 2)

Tips & Tricks

Tidbits from History

Star Awards


1996 1997 1998

Volume IV, #1 January 1996

Breeders & Vets

Nutrition & Bloat (Pt. 3)

Editor's Corner (Thyroid)

1995 CERF Report


Volume IV, #2 March 1996

Death in the Afternoon

Common Sense & Nonsense Feeding

Genetic News (CERF Report, Vwd & Thyroid)

Obedience Training (Pt. 1 of 6)

Troubling Case of the Medicated Mothers


Volume IV, #3 May 1996

How to Spend a Two-Dog Night

Dog World Family Ties Grow Too Tight

Obedience Training (Pt. 2 of 6)

Star Awards

Natural Therapies for Skin Problems


Volume IV, #4 July 1996


Interview: Australian Breeders -- Levingstons

Help on the Way for Breeders, Buyers

DNA Progressive Retinal Atrophy Research in Mastiffs

Obedience Training (Pt. 3 of 6)

OFA vs Just X-Ray

Blast from the Past


Volume IV, #5 September 1996

The Ostrich Syndrome

Open Registry Offers Rx for Dog Ailments

I Am Famous Now

Obedience Training (Pt. 4 of 6)

Star Awards

Genetic News

Vaccine Good News - Bad News

Letters to the Editor


Volume IV, #6 November 1996

Antibiotics & Steroids

Dog Breeders Await Cue From Us Buyers

Obedience (Pt. 5 of 6)

Star Awards

Genetic News

Star Award Program Update

Preparing for Puppy



Volume V, #1-2 January-March 1997 (missing pg 14)

Brief Introduction to Genetics (Pt. 1 of 3)

The Genetics of Hairies

Breeders Need to Know: All Progesterone Testing is not Reliable

World of the Web

Slime Slinging

Obedience Training (Pt. 6 of 6)

Star Awards

Genetic News

Star Awards Program Update


Volume V, #3-4 May-July 1997

The Care and Fostering of Newborn Mastiffs

Brief Introduction to Genetics (Pt. 2 of 3)

World of the Web

Slime Slinging

Obedience Tips

Book Review: Give Your Dog a Bone

Star Awards

Genetic News

Seizure Disorders


Volume V, #5 September 1997

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture

Brief Introduction to Genetics (Pt. 3 of 3)

World of the Web

Shedding Solutions

Obedience Tips

Star Awards

Genetic News

Star Award Program Update


Volume V, #6 November 1997

General's Story

The Wobbler Syndrome

Doing It Naturally

Star Awards


Volume VI, #1 January 1998


World of the Web

Eye Disorders

Star Awards

Genetic News

Star Award Program Update

Tidbits from History


Volume VI, #2 March 1998

Bath Time Training

Doing It Naturally

Star Awards

Genetic News

Star Awards Program Update

Canine Health Foundation


Volume VI, #3 May 1998

Degenerative Joint Disease - Arthritis

Doing It Naturally

CERF News - 1996 Report

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Canine Health Foundation

Hip Dysplasia Research

Signs of Bloat


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