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Wally was one of thirteen puppies from a backyard breeder that didn't know what they were getting into when they had a litter. It was a time when Rotties were just beginning their rise to popularity and people thought they could make money easily. While not a good specimen physically, he had a wonderful temperament. Just the right amount of guardian, friendly when properly introduced and an excellent nursemaid for my Aussie puppies.

Wally enjoyed his many friends, shown below.
Wally was great with the Aussies, at left with Pasha (my eventual foundation bitch) and at right with Shad and Pasha. He was wonderful with the puppies and would baby sit an entire litter for hours.
Clyde was a very excentric cat. We got him from a friend that was tired of him jumping down from the rafters in the garage onto his cherry '57 Chevy. He also terrorized the dogs in the neighborhood. We brought him home in the camper on the truck and looking through the window could see him clinging by all four paws to the screened back door. He arrived at our house and promptly went under the bed for a couple of days. We got him out of there and he then went on the ledge between the two adjoining fireplaces. After that he tore out of the back door and after four weeks of not seeing him, we thought he was gone for good. Shortly after, he sauntered in the back door and eventually became the most loveable feline, teaching all Aussie litters not to mess with cats. He definitely was a character.

Poco Crescent Moon (Kris)


A Poco Bueno granddaughter (for those Quarter Horse people), Kris was foaled in our neighbor's yard and they didn't realize that their mare was not producing milk. Kris was almost lost to starvation and poor management so we made a deal to bring her and her dam into our yard to raise until she was six months and could be weaned. She was very correct and had an excellent temperament.



Exceptional trail and double-team steer roping horse. He was calm and sure-footed. So much so that he could be taken over a pile of telephone poles that were stacked in a pyramid, kept together by strapping. The ultimate utility horse, he was a Quarter-Thoroughbred cross and stood 16-1/2 hands.



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